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    Is This It, 3rd of November

    Video titled "Is This It" online.
    2 minutes 55 seconds, no sound. 2015.
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    Text, 10th of October

    I wrote, related to The New Tigers.

    Appu was carrying his instruments and the tape recorder downstairs to the car, and he was surprised not to see Ville there, as he himself was already quite late. Ville came around soon with a cup of coffee. Appu noticed that he had switched to a bit warmer coat, or at least to one that had a different color. They left to pick up Valtteri. Appu, whose sleep cycle anxiety had destroyed, had not eaten any breakfast, so he pleaded they stop at a grocery store on their way, others agreed. Valtteri wanted to stay in the car and squirmed on the back seat like a teenager. Ville said he didn't need anything but that it's still always good to go to a shop when you have the opportunity.

    Janne was already at the rehearsal place playing bass. After gearing up the instruments and the tape recorder they started playing, and continued that for a few hours.

    It came time to take a break. They wanted to eat something. Ville was interested in something else than pizza, but admitted that pizza was probably the cheapest option. Valtteri spoke for indian food, and Janne was happy to mention a good one that might have free space. They drove to the centrum and parked the car. As they got to the restaurant, they noticed that it was not indian but nepalese. They all knew that it's similar in many ways, but this still somehow threw them off course. They muttered that pizza was much cheaper and wandered back towards the car, not knowing where they were going. They got over the street and stopped to watch a dog video from Janne's phone. On the video dog enthusiastically jumped in and out of a huge pile of leaves. After the video came to an end they decided to eat pizza.

    The pizza place was not far away. There was salad extra. There was some talk about politics, it was unavoidable. Appu started to feel drowsiness caused by loss of sleep and the comfort of waiting for food and not having to do anything but maybe listen and maybe talk. Janne asked how Ville's new job was. It was okay, mostly technical stuff. They wondered if there was a job where physical and mental challenges were both evenly present. Like chopping wood and then doing some work with numbers. Valtteri said that he and Janne should set up a company that does the works of both janitors and accountants. >>Janitor of lunacy>>, said Janne. Pizzas came and they were eaten. Then coffee. Ville left to a shop to pick up something to drink. Janne wanted something too but stayed. Valtteri took some more coffee but Janne said he was waiting as there was another pot coming up really soon. Man on the table next to them was talking on the phone like he was describing his whereabouts inside a photograph. Ville called from the shop and asked what it was that Janne wanted. Janne said that the things were on top of each other in the shop. From the window one could see to the other side of the street where a lone tree stood before a wall painted orange. Random sun rays had moved to light up the tree. Appu was taking a picture of it as a child ran over the picture and into the pizza place and started talking to the man who was on the phone earlier. Now also Valtteri had been away from the table for a long time, and as only Appu ja Janne sat there Janne wondered if someone will end up sitting there alone, who will disappear next. Twitter picture had received a reply. It said that Ville had a nice jacket.

    Finally they left back to the car. On their way back to the rehearsal place they once again stopped by the store. Few minutes had passed when they noticed that they were still sitting inside the parked car. This happens often. This time Ville wanted to stay in the car and others left. This particular store was however now already closed, so they had to go back to the car and go find another one.

    A bit later they arrived at the rehearsal place and continued working on new songs. This time they played for six hours.

    Statement text for the upcoming exhibition in Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, 28th of July




    Appu Jasu: Viivan poetiikka
    7.-30.8. Valokuvagalleria Hippolyte, Helsinki

    Avajaiset torstaina 6.8. klo 17-19

    Viivan poetiikka -näyttelyn keskiössä on kysymys siitä, millainen suhde muodostuu ihmisen ja tätä ympäröivän maailman välille. Appu Jasun näyttelyn rakentama maailma jäsentyy henkilökohtaisten kokemusten ja teoreettisten kokeiden, käytännössä tekstien, valokuvan ja videoteosten, kautta.

    Aika ja kulttuuri rakentavat tiloja ja infrastruktuuria sekä fyysiseen että kuviteltuun todellisuuteen. Tuota järjestäytyneeltä näyttävää kaaosta pitää koossa sen keskellä liikkuva suhteita rekisteröivä ja tuottava silmä. Silmä tönii materiaa ja venyttää suhteita, eikä jatkuvassa liikkeessään tiedä onko jokin suurta vai pientä. Viivoja jäljittämällä se voi kuitenkin aistia niiden yhtäaikaisen samankaltaisuuden ja loputtoman erityisyyden.

    Toisinaan havainto ja katsoja vaihtavat paikkaa. Silmä unohtaa mihin suuntaan merkityksiä rakentuikaan, pupillista ulos vai sisään näyistä jotka virtaavat sen läpi? Prosessi pysähtyy ja kaikki pyörii hetken ympyrää, kunnes kysymys unohtuu kuten hengitys jota ei enää muista ajatella.
    Appu Jasu: The Poetics of a Line
    7.-30.8. Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki

    OPENING Thursday 6 August 2015, 5–7 p.m.

    How the relationship between a human and the surrounding world is formed, is at the core of the exhibition The Poetics of a Line. The world built by Appu Jasu's exhibition finds its shape through personal experiences and theoretical experiments, in practicality through text, photography and video.

    Time and culture form spaces and infrastructure both in the physical and virtual reality. That seemingly organised chaos is being held together by an eye that moves in the midst of it. The eye registers and produces relations, stretches their propotions and pushes matter off its course. In its constant movement it never knows if something is big or small. By tracing the lines it can however sense their coexistent similarity and endless particularity.

    Once in a while the perceived and the viewer change places. The eye forgets the direction in which meanings are built up, out of the pupil or into it by visions that pass through it? The process stops and for a while everything revolves in circles until the question is forgotten like breathing that's no longer thought of.

    Updates, 22nd of May

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    NEØV - Woolen Pumpkin Shirt, 3rd of March

    New music video for NEØV released.

    It was premiered by YleX, and also mentioned by NBHAP.
    More info here.

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    NEØV - Dominique I, 12th of January 2015

    The music video for NEØV released.
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    Kap Kap - On Your Porch, 19th of December 2014

    The music video for Kap Kap released.

    Soundi-magazine premiered the video.
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    Pöllöt - Tapetaan aikaa, 19th of September

    The music video for Pöllöt released.

    Soundi-magazine premiered the video, and it was screened at B-gallery 18.9.2014.
    More info here.

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    NEØV - The Rain People, 15th of September

    The music video for NEØV released.

    Video was premiered by NBHAP, JaJaJa and Soundi.
    More info here.

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    tulee minullakin ikävä, mutta olet väärässä, 27th of June

    Viivan poetiikka -book will be on display at the lobby of Turku Art Museum, in an exhibition called "tulee minullakin ikävä, mutta olet väärässä". The exhibition also features books by Merja Isokoski and Lasse Peltola. Books will be on show 27.6.-27.8.2014.

    More info on the museum's website here.